Postpartum Perspectives

Cortney's Story - Finding Strength in Difficult Decisions

April 13, 2020 Laura Bauder Season 1 Episode 19
Postpartum Perspectives
Cortney's Story - Finding Strength in Difficult Decisions
Show Notes

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Cortney is a musician, she runs a nonprofit organization called Misfits RED, and she has postpartum depression.  Cortney’s journey to motherhood is quite the story, and fair warning - it is upsetting at some points.  She has experienced multiple miscarriages.  And halfway through her pregnancy with her son, she and her husband were told that their baby had a serious medical condition that would compromise his quality of life.  Cortney gets real about how her experiences impacted her family, her marriage, and her mental health.  While her baby’s health was ultimately good, this ordeal was incredibly stressful as you might imagine.

As we were recording, her son woke up from his nap, so you will hear him in the background at times.  That’s real mom life - and Cortney holds nothing back!


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